Eco-Friendly (Low VOC) Painting

Correct waste disposal is an essential and important part of sustainable working practice.  We take every precaution to minimise the quality and quantity of waste generation, and hence reduce the associated problem of waste disposal.

some of the eco products we use:

Environmentally Friendly Paint Products

Casein Paint

Casein paint is said to be the most natural of paints, and is made from milk proteins and white lime. Supplied in powder form to be mixed with water casein paint has a natural soft white finish but can be coloured with the addition of special pigments. Ideal for older properties this paint finish contains absolutely no VOC’s, oils or solvents and is both long lasting and simple to apply. You can also buy a Casein filler as an environmentally alternative to modern fillers.


as the name suggests Claypaint is a water based matt emulsion made from natural clays and is entirely VOC and solvent free. Because of its breath-ability Claypaint is especially suitable for externally-facing walls of older properties where damp penetration is a problem.

Mineral Based Paints

Paints containing pure potassium silicate or sodium silicate. These are often used as an expensive high performance alternative to conventional masonry paints but have excellent environmental credentials due to the lack of solvent binders.

Environmentally Friendly Paint Finishes

Wall & Ceiling Paints

VOC free emulsions in matt, soft sheen and eggshell.

Wood Finishes

VOC and solvent free gloss paints, satin, primers and woodstains.

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